Berytech Ideathon

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    Berytech Mathaf
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    Museum District
    Achrafieh, Beirut

    Berytech Mar Roukoz
    Saint Joseph University
    Sciences & Technology Campus
    Dekwaneh, Mount Lebanon

    Berytech BDD 1294
    Bechara El Khoury Street
    Beirut Digital District
    Bachoura, Beirut
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Berytech Ideathon

Berytech organizes several ideathons per year. Ideathons are events where participants can experience entrepreneurship, brainstorm business ideas, collaborate with fellow aspiring entrepreneurs, get live mentoring, found a startup, solve global challenges, and win cash prizes, all in one single weekend. The events are usually organized in collaboration with different universities across different regions in Lebanon.

Berytech’s Ideathon is an exciting opportunity for developers, creatives, tech enthusiasts, engineers, entrepreneurs, innovators, business professionals, and university students who want to collaborate and innovate in different sectors over the course of one weekend.

If they have a business idea they’d like to pursue or a problem they’d like to solve but don’t know where to start or who to start with, Berytech’s Ideathon is the event to look for a team, validate a business idea, receive feedback from experienced entrepreneurs and mentors, and get started on the entrepreneurial journey.

Many previous Ideathon participants took it from there to further develop their startups, join bigger programs, get all the needed support to grow, be recognized and win larger local and global competitions.