Forward LB

Forward LB

Forward LB is a shared space aimed at nurturing a Startup Community with room for over 90 resident entrepreneurs and freelancers who need fixed desks, private areas for meetings or just a public quiet zone with caffeine and megabytes.

Teams and individuals can benefit from it no matter their fields: Graphic and interior designers, Engineers and Architects, Web developers and programmers, bloggers, journalists, translators, lawyers as well as university students looking for a suitable milieu to study and work.

Located in a clean and calm one-way street in Jal el Dib, lined with sidewalks and greenery. ForwardLB is less than a minute’s walk from the highway, easily accessible and surrounded by plenty of free public and cheap private parking spaces.

Forward LB at a glance

Type of workspaces available
  • Shared desks
  • Dedicated desks
  • Event spaces
  • Meeting rooms
Price range Basic membership : 30$/month or $300/year
Private desk: $150/month or $1500/year
Perks Several amneties (wi-fi, coffee and tea, space cleaning, free public parking or private parking at reduced price)
Free or discounted access to workshops