BDD Academy

BDD Academy

The objective of BDD Academy is to bridge the gap between the outdated education system and the long-term requirements of the job market.
With that objective in mind, the BDD Academy aims to provide programs at the intersection of design, technology and leadership across four dedicated tracks:

The youth track:

BDD Academy aims to involve kids in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) Education through creative and interactive approaches.

BDD academy’s educational approach focusing on edutainment and hands-on experience will help the students:

  • Unleash their creativity and their scientific skills potentials
  • Meet the challenges of the future societies
  • Experience interactive and cooperative skills and techniques that will abide them in their careers
  • Improve their technical skills and prepare them to the jobs of tomorrow

The university track:

  • BDD Summer Internship Program : The Internship Program aims to grant university students the proper experience and teach them the skills and attitude required for them to boost their career starting today as well as the opportunity to fill their degree requirement. Moreover, the program opens a chance for them to be employed at the same companies they interned at.
  • University Tours and Career Guidance : We offer students the opportunity to discover BDD and its community. The tour is meant to give the students a feeling of being a part of a business ecosystem by roaming around our offices and co-working spaces as long as give them a chance to talk to some of our tenants to answer any questions they might have
  • Entrepreneurship Workshops : The academy offers enthusiastic entrepreneurs a chance to learn from the hands of the experienced. Representatives of some of the powerful startups that are in BDD will describe their stories from scratch till they reached their powerful state.

The continuous learning track:

BDD Academy aims to provide corporate employees, startup employees and freelancers with premium L&D training that are at the intersection of leadership, technology and design

BDD Academy sources high caliber trainings offered by prominent international and regional speakers on a wide variety of topics including innovation, digital marketing, design thinking, etc.

The BDD Academy is always on the lookout to adopt emerging new trends so as to further improve its learning approach and stay relevant to the market offerings

Corporate innovation track:

The academy aims to provide established corporations with the opportunity to source innovation from the startup ecosystem and to built digital capabilities :

  • Corporate Accelerators: Provide startups with training and resources, including small investments
  • Corporate Venture Capital: Setting-up a Corporate VC fund or funding existing 3rd party funds
  • Mentorship Programs: Employees share knowledge and network with entrepreneurs