Beirut Creative Cluster

Beirut Creative Cluster

BCC, the Beirut Creative Cluster, is a not-for-profit, sectorial business association, founded in 2012. Its members are firms based in Lebanon that create and distribute digital content, media products and services, design and marketing solutions. The corporate purpose of BCC is to promote the transformation of the Lebanese creative industries through strategic actions based on business co-operation, with innovation as a constant underlying goal.

These strategic actions are based on the following guiding principles:

  • Fostering the competitiveness of the cluster and its members;
  • Supporting the development of an adequate business structure;
  • Encouraging and supporting internationalization;
  • Facilitating access to state-of-the-art expertise;
  • Encouraging specific business projects
  • Launching activities based on co-operation and innovation.

BCC at a glance

Number of startups in the cluster 40
Age of startups Well established SMEs
Area of specialization Focused on the digital creative sector (animation, gaming, marketing, web & mobile development, film, typography, branding..)
Entrance fee 200 $
Equity taken None

Eligibility criteria and perks

How would you differentiate yourself from an incubator or a co-working space? We don’t have a physical space. Instead we focus on building B2B relationships.
Eligibility criteria
  • Well established (At least 2 year of market experience)
  • Good market reputation
  • High work quality
  • Team players
Access to networking events, Business consultation, Access to markets