Berytech DigiHive

Berytech DigiHive

Berytech DigiHive is a pioneer co-working space allowing interaction with the community in a collaborative approach. It is located in two Berytech Innovations Parks, one in Berytech BDD1294 (Beirut Digital District area) and the other in Berytech Mathaf (near the National Museum), an innovative environment with state-of-the-art infrastructure, in a prime locations in Beirut.

Joining Berytech will enable you to become part of a dynamic and vibrant community of entrepreneurs, promoting innovation, technology and business development, with the following added services:

  • Support & assistance in business development
  • Specific trainings developing entrepreneurial skills
  • Targeted programs for entrepreneurs
  • Networking events and conferences
  • Access to international markets & funding

Coworkers in Lebanon have now the opportunity to experience work in a high tech coworking space in Beirut, where they can enjoy collaborative work and networking with Berytech’s growing community

Berytech DigiHive at a glance

Startups currently hosted 16
Total number of startups hosted 22
Best description of clients Freelancers, individual entrepreneurs, employees
Average age of clients 28 years
Average stay of clients 6 months and up
Type of work spaces available
  • Shared desks
  • Dedicated desks
  • Private offices
  • Event spaces
  • Meeting rooms
  • Free wi-fi
  • Business consultation
  • Access to networking events
  • Accounting
Do you help your clients find a permanent office? Yes
Partnership with support organization EBIC network
Partnership with angel fund or VCs Berytech Fund and IM Capital
Partnership with banks None