DEEL Competition

DEEL Competition

In Lebanon, young graduates are increasingly unable to find a job once they obtain their degree. In addition to promoting youth innovation and creativity, student entrepreneurship contributes to the reduction of unemployment rates and to job creation. It also provides companies with talents which integrated the entrepreneurial dimension.

The general purpose of this project is to strengthen the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in higher education in order to foster the emergence of companies with a potential for growth and job creation.

The first stage of the contest involves the selection by each university of 1 to 4 teams of students having a project or an idea for creating a company. Those students are trained on the drafting of a Business Model Canvas and on Pitching techniques by Berytech and Smart ESA experts.

Each university sets up a pre-selection committee which would examine the projects and select the finalists. The finalists will “pitch” their projects before a national jury composed of representatives from AUF, Berytech, Smart ESA and PEPITE, which will select the winning teams.

The winning teams will benefit from a 1 month stay abroad in a university incubator.

DEEL Competition at a glance

Number of Editions to date 3
Usual Date of Competition December
Average Number of Applicants 100
Average Number of Startups Accepted 12
Number of Winners 6 teams
Goal of Competition Raise students’ awareness of the entrepreneurship culture and stir the entrepreneurship spirit in youth
Eligibility Criteria
  • Applicants must be current university students enrolled in a university partner of DEEL project.
  • Applications should be submitted by team with a minimum of 2 members.
Participation Benefits Expert Feedback, Networking, Media Exposure, Workshops
The winning teams will benefit from a 1 month stay abroad in a university incubator.