Facebook Developer Circle Beirut

Facebook Developer Circle Beirut

Facebook Developer Circles are a create active communities for any developer around the world to access information, share knowledge, and collaborate with other developers.

Importance of Facebook Developer Circles in Lebanon:

The necessities of a developer are to have a support network offering exposure to new technologies, access to quality materials in the technical field, opportunity to meet with professionals in the same field who can share knowledge, mentor & even partner with each others.

Currently, only engineers have a syndicate in Lebanon. Nonetheless, it hosts all engineering sectors, and it doesn’t allow computer science graduates to step in.

Conclusively, creating a community that will gather talented Lebanese software developer, software engineers, and computer science graduates in one place will give the joiners a huge boost forward and a chance to shine!

The circle will be full of professionals who will guide younger talents throughout the way, according to their areas of expertise, to reach their goals. The team will include development gurus, orientation experts, marketing experts, entrepreneurs who will have one and only one objective: serving the community.

Finally, anyone taking part of this community will be a leader.

Communication inside the circle:

Communication will be done through this Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/DevCBeirut/. It will be the space to express opinions and share all relevant content to the community objectives, from innovations to new programming languages to accomplishments being done by the members of the community.

Topics will be lined to specific hashtags to categorize them and make the search activity on the group easier. Those hashtags will be appended regularly based on the community needs

How Facebook will help the community circle?

We will have visits from Facebook professionals to Lebanon who will help us where needed.

They will try to join our global events. Their first visit will be early September to attend the event that will introduce the group and raise the awareness of this initiative among us.

Facebook will also share with us their own materials and give us access to the latest technologies to boost our work and technical abilities forward.