Speed is a tech accelerator based out of the Beirut Digital District that empowers software startups to succeed and scale globally through a 3-month mentorship-driven program, $30,000 in funding, and a lifelong network of mentors and partners.

The accelerator offers software startups $30,000 in financial support, an intensive 3-month mentorship-driven program that includes in-house mentorship, mentorship from experts, workshops, access to a network of investors, and a free working space at BDD, in exchange for 5% equity in common shares. Startups also receive lifelong support from a network of 100+ local and international mentors, the opportunity to be sponsored by Speed for a 2-week immersion program in Silicon Valley in partnership with LebNet, technology perks worth $1M+ through the accelerator’s partnership with the Global Accelerator Network, and a fast-track referral to the 47 Techstars programs around the world.

Speed at a glance

Stage of startups
Idea/Early stages
Field of operation
Equity taken 10%
Fees taken 0
Investment/grant given
Eligibility criteria Full-time commitment
Full startup team (business and technical)

Technical services and infrastructure

Technical services and infrastructure
  • Office Space
  • Internet
  • Workshops
  • Conference rooms
Business services and training offered
  • Business Idea
  • Market Research
  • Technology & Commercialization
  • Marketing Plan
  • Customer Relations
  • HR
  • Accounting and Financial Services
  • Legal Services
  • Pitch Training
Access to financing
  • Seed Investment, Pitching sessions for investors
Other perks
  • Network of mentors
  • Strategic partners (Corporate, potential clients)
  • Network of external providers, interns, potential employees
  • Potential clients
  • Network of universities/R&D centers
  • Networking events