Ecosysteme Entrepreneurial au Liban / Co-working Spaces


Antwork is a collaborative space that is meticulously designed to welcome diverse communities of entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers, startups, techies and many more.


Beirut Digital District

BDD is a community of 1,500 members hosted across 17,500 m2, and the preferred hub for over 100 companies in tech, digital media, accelerators, incubators, venture capitals, and startups, and over 400 events hosted per year.


Berytech DigiHive

Berytech DigiHive is a pioneer co-working space allowing interaction with the community in a collaborative approach. Joining Berytech will enable you to become part of a dynamic and vibrant community of entrepreneurs, promoting innovation, technology and business development.



Established on July 2012, BuBleik is a Business Center in Beirut, providing Virtual Office and Virtual Assistant services.


Forward LB

Forward LB is a shared space aimed at nurturing a Startup Community with room for over 90 resident entrepreneurs and freelancers who need fixed desks, private areas for meetings or just a public quiet zone with caffeine and megabytes.


HBR Creative Platform

Founded by in 2014, HBR is a creative platform and design lab for co-working and design.


Kapa Offices

KAPA Offices provides flexible, cost-effective workspace solutions that will help your business thrive. And while flexibility remains the main component with opportunities to rent workspace on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis, we also offer you the chance to feel part of a bigger community and to interact and share ideas with other like-minded people and companies.



Regus enables people and businesses to work where they want, when they want and how they want.

  • Website
  • Phone
    +961 1 964 679
  • Address
    Azarieh Building, Azarieh street,
    Bloc A5 - 5th floor,
    Downtown, Beirut

    Beirut souks, Weygand street,
    Bloc M, 4th Floor
    Beyrouth souks, Beirut

    Le Bureau Building,
    3rd. & 4th. Floor,
    Mathaf Street, Beirut

    Le Mall Dbayeh
    8th floor, Le Mall Building

The Koozpace

The Koozpace is a space for Fitness, Coworking, Leisure and Housing located in a green, secure and calm environment with a unique view like no other on Beirut, the Mediterranean and the surrounding Hills.


The Olive Grove

​The Olive Grove aims to make entrepreneurship & mentorship accessible to everyone, and to partner with players in the Beirut startup ecosystem to foster regional growth and innovation.


The Submarine

The Submarine is a design-inspired coworking and event space for independent professionals and small teams looking to be part of a collaborative community.