IM Capital (Seeders program)

IM Capital (Seeders program)

Seeders is a community of qualified Business Angels with a mandate to serve the Lebanese entrepreneurial landscape by injecting smart money in early-stage high-risk ventures.

Seeders offers novice investors MasterClasses in Business Angels (MBA) in partnership with GoBeyond, a program aiming at graduating batches of qualified Business Angels

Seeders also gathers seasoned Angel Investors who possess a history of investing in early-stage ventures.

Seeders’ objective is to make investment decisions and offer companies coaching and mentorship, networking opportunities, and access to follow-on funding and/or matching capital from IM Capital.

By institutionalizing sparse angel investing initiatives and graduating qualified Business Angels, Seeders would be contributing to early-stage financing and economic growth in Lebanon.

Seeders at a glance

Number of startups 5
Number of angels 25
Sectors of interest N.A.
Equity taken (Average) 10%
Capital invested (Average) 80 000 $
Investment type Lead and co-investment

Eligibility criteria

Eligibility criteria for investors IM Capital manages syndicated groups of business angels. Participants undergo a “learn & earn” methodology for investments. Target angels are executives interested in investing time & funds in early-stage businesses
Eligibility criteria for startups
  • Country of Incorporation: Based and Incorporated in Lebanon
  • Stage: Pre-seed, Seed, Early-Stage and Growth.
  • Sustainable Business Model: Early-Stage Businesses must have a strong and sustainable competitive advantage and can compete not only locally, but regionally and even on a global basis.
  • Management Team: A strong management team is needed for any Early-Stage Business to sustain. The management team should have skilled, realistic, honest and seasoned group of people who have the capability to turn plans into reality.
  • Employment Creation Capacity: each Early-Stage Businesses should exhibit a high potential for creating quality and sustainable employment opportunities.
  • Export Orientation: With the purpose of supporting Lebanon’s economy, IM Capital will invest in Early-Stage Businesses that do or have the potential to export their products or services regionally and/or globally.